Happy Holidays! It’s a tradition at this time of year to gift my eZine and blog readers a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat.

A handy reflection tool to doodle out the flow of your life. To see and integrate what’s been happening, and to clarify your ‘doings’ and ‘beings’ from here. I hope you find it fun and useful – as a little bit of structured focus can go a long way!

Ideal Retreat Times:
A Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat can be conducted at any time. However, the calendar holds some special times when a reflection of this nature can be particularly helpful. At the New Year, summer vacation or another getaway, or when a significant milestone or event happens – birthday, anniversary, graduation, empty nest, change of a significant relationship, illness and/or loss of a loved one.

The Benefits of the Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat:
This Mini Visual Retreat helps you appreciate all that you have and are going through – and to identify what’s next brewing on your horizon – and the outer and inner shifts to get there. The Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat puts your life into perspective. Gives you relief, satisfaction and an organized feeling – knowing you have taken a step to deliberately see and consciously engage with the flow of your life.

How To Do a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat:
Set aside about 30-90 minutes, depending on how deep you want to go. Print off the 4 Visual Maps and eBook (see link below). Gather some pens (you can go as simple or as elaborate as you like) or clip the maps into your digital tablet. Put some good music on. Sit somewhere comfy. And dive in …

Abbreviated instructions are below. See provided eBook for full details and maps.


1. Witnessing the Past:
Before you embark on new visioning, it can be helpful to reflect back on what has already happened. Take a look at your past. What has occurred? In your life? In the world at large? These last years have been great for some and hard for many. What was your experience during these transformational times? Doing your best to doodle out whatever happened, so you can really see and meet it.

2. Making Peace With the Present:
How are things for you at this exact moment in time? What is your current crossroads? Many people who do visioning work can get frustrated – I’ve been guilty of this many times myself. We get so focused on our desired future, that our present circumstances frustrate us. The more we can accept and make peace with our present state, the better. By accepting, I don’t mean that we give up or stop desiring improvements. Just that we soften our energy towards it. Perhaps appreciate the role it is playing, as a necessary transitional bridge.

3. Focus on Your New Longings:
Our wants and desires are alive and fluid. Take a moment to reflect on any longings you now have. Given what you have already accomplished and where you currently are, what do you now desire? For yourself? For others? For our shared world? What are your evolutionary nudges? Write and doodle them out! Even if it somewhat scares you or you have doubt. Don’t censor. Give your longings their first breath of physical life by bravely putting them in writing.

4. Notice Your Doubts and Resistance:
Negative doubts can follow quickly on the heels of visionary longings – sometimes as soon as our rockets of desire are launched, bazookas get pulled out to shoot them down. Write down your instantaneous reactions to your list of longings. Notice your instant positive reactions and welcome them. Also, notice what negative reactions arise too. And perhaps where the positive and negative are in conflict within you.

5. Identify and Take Your Next Steps:
When you get aligned with your longings sometimes you will receive ideas, inklings and intuitions about what to do next. What ideas come to you about natural next steps? Given where you are and where you want to go, what little things can you begin to do, or be, to close the gap? What will make movement towards your longings that you can begin today? Write down your next steps and put accountability dates to them. Put them into your calendar and schedule. Find a support buddy, mastermind group or Coach to support you and your longings.

Access to Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat Instructions and Maps
I’ve created several maps plus an instructional eBook to guide you in doing the steps outlined above.


SHIFT-IT mini Retreat, Historical Snapshot

Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach

P.S. This Mini Retreat is an abbreviated version of my full SHIFT-IT Retreat (17 Visual Coaching tools). If you’d like a deeper dive, check out the Full SHIFT-IT Home Retreat. The Deluxe level includes 3 Private Coaching Sessions.

P.P.S. The Mini Retreat is for your own personal use please. If you’d like to use my 40+ Visual Tools with your own clientele, please see Visual Coach Certification.

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