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anything having to do with visual skills, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, (working visually with groups and organizations).

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PLEASE SHARE WITH CHRISTINA THAT I REALLY APPRECIATE THE VALUABLE TRAINING I RECEIVED … “I registered for Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals because I do lots of strategic planning and coaching sessions with teams. My colleagues, who have taken this course, use it all the time and it’s very impressive when they do. I’m always amazed how… Read more »

How Speakers, Authors & Trainers Use Graphic Facilitation

Audio Version: Click Player to Stream or Right Click on Link to Download. For full Audio Library of Past Messages, Click HereDownload MP3 I was just on vacation in Mexico at a health spa and participated in the obligatory introduction round of new members. We shared our name, geography, something we were passionate about and… Read more »

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SHIFT-IT Online 7 Weeks Online: Sept. 14 – Oct. 26, 2013 Video Webinars: Saturdays, 10-11:30 a.m. Pacific Ready to get what you want?! Only offered twice a year! Our signature coaching group – gets you what you next want in your personal and/or professional life. You develop a crystal clear vision, unravel your resistance …… Read more »


Audio Version: Click Player to Stream or Right Click on Link to Download. For full Audio Library of Past Messages, Click HereDownload MP3 A few weeks ago I hosted our annual in-person Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals workshop (beginning course that preps you on the four main ways of working visually). I also just completed the core… Read more »

[SHIFT-IT School] Get Solid Biz Know How to Become a Thriving Soloentrepreneur

I’m in Los Angeles, California today … co-leading our THEO Accelerator Retreat. Thank goodness for the power of technology to deliver while I’m “at the wall” visually scribing away! Just an FYI that our new “Business Essentials for Process Professionals” online class starts on Wednesday The content is close to my heart … as I’ve… Read more »

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SHIFT-IT SCHOOL: UPCOMING COURSES BIZ ESSENTIALS FOR PROCESS PROFESSIONALS For Consultants, Facilitators, Coaches, Content Experts, Scribes, Artists, etc. 10 Webinars, Wednesdays, May 22 –July 24, 2013, noon-1:30 PDT Developing one’s craft is only part of the puzzle in having a successful solopreneur practice or small business — to understand and successfully implement solid business strategies… Read more »

Early Bird Ends Sunday on May’s Interactive-Visuals Training …

* THE FUNDAMENTALS OF INTERACTIVE-VISUALS * May 30 – June 1, 2013 * Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada * Early Bird Ends March 31st, Just 7 Spots Left! Working visually is a proven POWERFUL method that enhances the effectiveness of process work with groups AND individuals. If you are a Process Professional (consultant, facilitator, trainer,… Read more »

Foundational Visual Skills & Visual Coach Certification Right Around Corner …

Working visually is SO powerful (and enjoyable) for your clients … and you! As you might have spotted in the SHIFT-IT e-Zine and on our sites … two important deadlines for visual courses are right around the corner. 1. March 24th is the Application Deadline to be considered for 2013 Visual Coach Certification cohort (program… Read more »