March’s Visual Positive Aspects

I’m continuing with my practice of posting Visual Positive Aspects.

Most mornings at 10am Pacific I post on Twitter a ‘Positive Visual Aspect’ … something in my life that makes me feel good (follow me at ChristinaMerk) .

Its a wonderful practice for noticing and appreciating what is positive in one’s life.  I was inspired to do this, based off of something I heard about Esther Hicks on an Abraham-Hicks cruise ( you can read more about this at: original post on Visual Positive Aspects Practice). 

Here’s another batch of my most recent ones.

10. Windy Day on the West Coast

I live on the tip of Vancouver Island, right on the ocean.  On windy days its very dramatic.  This was a windy day.

 11. Sun Comes Out

During the WestCoast winter the sun is precious. 

 13. Vision Collage on Relationship

I help people define and manifest what they really want.  I’m always doing my own manifestation work too.  Right now I’m thinking and sorting out what I want in the relationship department of my life, as its been on the backburner for the last few years given the other development work I’ve gone through with my business, etc.  Here’s a recent vision collage, focused just on finding the feeling place of the kind of relationship I want. 

 14. Inner Harbour in March

Victoria B.C. is a very pretty town.  Pulled over on the way to the gym to take this picture of the Inner Harbour … as it was so light, bright and happy looking that morning with the sun coming out (we had a really warm and sunny week).

 15. Living Room in Sun

With the sun, my living room / studio was all a glow too.  I’d come around the corner and the sight would stop me in my tracks.  So nice to be bathed in sunny light.

16. Wayne from High School

Ah, the power of social networking.   I was in a special program in high school called PACE (program for creative and academic enrichment).  PACE  now has a Facebook page, so us alums are able to find each other.  Wayne came into town and looked me up after too many years for me to mention!  He’s a computing hot shot now and was in town to present stuff about his company to the local university.  Was great to catch up. 

 18. My Latest Magnetism Map

One of the tools in my SHIFT-Process is the Magnetism Map (a visioning and virtual reality tool).  Here’s my latest personal vision … its always in flux as I get more data and experience and morph along about what I now want. 

 20. Cool Abe Music

Its no secret, I am a HUGE Abraham-Hicks fan.  Jerry and Esther gave us these CDs one night … for all the participants aboard their recent Mexico cruise.  Sorry, but their other music is kind of lame for my tastes.  But this electronica/trance stuff is right up my alley.  Great hypnotic music to Abraham’s key messages.  I love it and crank it in my car all the time!

22. Clouds and Dancing Light

Just a pretty shot captured out of my window one March afternoon.  I liked the shapes, colors and light. Nature is so beautiful and its all around us.

24. Lunch View

When folks come in for private trainings and SHIFT-IT retreats with me, we walk down to this great restaurant with this fantastic view of the Inner Harbour.  Nice for out of town folks to see pretty Victoria like this and great for me – I never get tired of this view (or the food here – the butter chicken and seafood is great!). 

 25. Drinkin’ on the Job

This is the only picture that Dawn , a great coaching client of mine in for a private retreat, would let me take of her.  She ordered a cooler, cause to her this place is summer time (she lives in Edmonton!).  I had a Caesar with lots of horse radish, gotta love that kick. 

 28. Crater Lake

Flying down to L.A. to attend a weekend of Abraham-Hicks workshops.  View of Crater Lake on the way down.

 29.  Hermosa Beach

My friend and mastermind buddy Beth Schneider picked me up from the airport and whisked me off to the beach.  I promptly burnt my forehead from not having sunblock on – duh!  But it was heavenly to be warm in the sun and watching the Californian waves. I so love it down there!

 34. The Divine Ms. Beth

My buddy, Beth Schneider, from Process Prodigy.  If your business is growing and you need to get organized with good, proper systems – then Beth is your gal.  She’s great!  And also uses lots of visuals in her process mapping work. 

30. Signs of Joy

Need I say more … on the cab ride over to my Hollywood Hotel … there was a huge JOY sign. I had to take a shot.

37. Spa Candles

Treated myself to a spa day.  Ahhhhh, relaxation and pampering. 

 32. Sign of Optimismmmm

There must be an ad campaign going on … here is another great big sign with a very aligned message … Abraham-Hicks would love these!

31. Sitting on Estherham’s Carpet!

Down in L.A. attending Abraham-Hicks workshops.  Notice the carpet we are sitting on … this is the carpet that Esther Hicks rolls out for every workshop they do.  This is Nathaniel and his very great partner Jessica.  Nathaniel has been through my SHIFT-IT Virtual Group and is now in the Merkley’s Manifestation Mastermind.  These two are both actors and writers and are in the process of creating Abraham aligned plays.  Nathaniel knew I was coming for the L.A. workshops so he says I inspired them to fly in from Ohio.  Our first time to meet in person and its was really fun!

Well, that brings me up to April.  I’ll see how things unfold from here.  I carry my camera on me now all the time, so I can click the good stuff that makes me happy! 

Take care. 


Christina Merkley

The SHIFT-IT Coach

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