Three Courageous Women Do Self Inquiry During These Intense Times


Process PopUp #25A: The free Process PopUps seem to be morphing into a Satsang structure, at least this one did. We began with 10 minutes of Meditation to connect with stillness for our nervous systems. Then 3 rounds of Self Inquiries. Here’s Laurie as she sits with her conflicted emotions about work. Meaningful yet not well-paid service work vs well-paid government work that’s not meaningful. See how consciousness reassures her that ‘we’ll do it together’. Yes! (December 13, 2020 – Visual Coaching)

Session Map:

Process Group #25A: My Service Work Doesn't Pay Enough


Process PopUp #25B: Consultant Renee has a deep religious faith and prayer practice. Prior she felt like a gypsy who didn’t fit. Now she sees it all as prep for the decade upon us. “I was made for these times,” she says. However, a bigness is emerging that provokes fear. Watch her meet her human desire to control and how the Holy Spirit swoops in with grace and gratitude. (December 13, 2020 – Visual Coaching)

Session Map:

Process Group #25B: Holy Spirit Evokes Gratitude

“White Dove”
a poem by yoga teacher Danna Faulds

In the shared quiet,
an invitation arises like a
white dove lifting from a
limb and taking flight.

Come and live in truth.
Take your place in the
flow of grace. Draw aside
the veil you thought
would always separate
your heart from love.

All you ever longed for is
before you in this moment
if you dare draw in a breath
and whisper “Yes.”


Process PopUp #25C: Lisa was carjacked and assaulted by a troubled young man. She navigates the American courts as a crime victim with PTSD who has lost the use of her exquisite hands to do massage and create her art. It’s currently a tough situation. However, inquiry points to beacons of light in the forms of a new puppy and a monastic granny unit in a new client’s home. To be continued … (December 13, 2020 – Visual Coaching)

Session Map:
Process Group #25C: The Injustice Of The Justice System

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020, noon-1:30pm Pacific

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