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Process Popup #26: December 30, 2020 [Visual Coaching]

A: SELF INQUIRY: PEGGY MEETS TIRED Peggy is tired (something many can relate to). The duality of ‘do’ and ‘rest’ lives in her shoulders.  An opening occurs and sleep beckons however an Orphan pops up. An inner child who equates sleep with sickness – no thank you.  Sleep can in fact keep you/us from sick. … Read more »

Three Courageous Women Do Self Inquiry During These Intense Times

25A: MY SERVICE WORK DOESN’T PAY ENOUGH Process PopUp #25A: The free Process PopUps seem to be morphing into a Satsang structure, at least this one did. We began with 10 minutes of Meditation to connect with stillness for our nervous systems. Then 3 rounds of Self Inquiries. Here’s Laurie as she sits with her… Read more »

Process Pop-Up #24: Susan and Denise Do Self Inquiry

24A:  WAIT & WORRY FOR C-19 TEST RESULTS Process PopUp#24A: Susan’s brother tests positive after a family gathering. Now she and her whole family await their results. Parallel process as she meets worry, her responsibility as a nurse, and her identity as one who likes to follow the rules. And how her chest held the… Read more »

Process PopUp #23: Wise Consciousness Drawn Out Via Self Inquiry

Process Group #22A & 22 B – 2020 Shifts (October 20, 2020 – Visual Coaching). RETREAT TO RECONNECT Process PopUp#22A: Yiely works in Canadian healthcare.  She wonders how to best support herself, coworkers, and clients. We go straight to consciousness to get answers. Through a field with a black hole, she encounters supportive beings …… Read more »


Sarah came of age in a racist family and community. To survive she hide her queer/gay self and became an angry bully…


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – 2020 #17] Lola is a retired Canadian social worker. The pandemic honed her awareness about vulnerability, loneliness, sibling jealousy and her role as an elder. What started as a Future Self journey morphed into a mediumistic dialogue with deceased parents and grandparents. Who offered perspective on repetitive generational patterns… Read more »


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – 2020 #16]. This was a complex Orphan Rescue session with a retired, female, liberal, boomer, American woman. The present day triggers ranged from riots, masks, social distancing, beaches, lung issues and the euthanasia of her sick pet. And led to inner child and inner adolescent rescues from the Civil… Read more »


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – COVID Pandemic #15]. Irene teaches at a business college. She’s also highly creative and spiritual. A powerful yet challenging polarity. Watch as her Left Brain (Mind) and Right Brain (Heart) figure out how to collaborate on a sabbatical sideswiped by the Pandemic. Co-creator discerning her own ingredients – no… Read more »


Future self, Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley

[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – COVID Pandemic #14]. As a Change Management Consultant Pauline was ahead of the curve with working online. Now she wants to work transcontinentally between Australia and Canada. She felt blocked though so came for help. Watch as we discover what’s interfering and her breakthrough. May give you some insights… Read more »


Visual Coaching, Future Self

[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – COVID Pandemic #13]. Sheri is a busy wife, mother and solopreneur with a lot on her plate. Like many her household has changed with everyone home and pulling on bandwidth, literally and figuratively. Trying to balance needs is hard. So is moving her business online as a Graphic Recorder… Read more »