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2021 Courses

Process PopUps - Online

Free in 2021!

Dates: Ongoing Until Further Notice

Various Times

Location: Online Live Zoom Webinars

Public Drop-Ins and Video Library

Every few weeks I offer this drop-in Zoom webinar. A supportive group sprinkled from across the world, to process thoughts and feelings during these extraordinary times. We start with 10 minutes of meditation to settle our bodies and minds. Then it's spontaneous Inner Work where I match up what's arising from you with my bag of visual process tools. Different every time. Come when you can. Leave grounded and connected.

Prerequisite: None

Visual Coaching - Online

Free in 2021!

Dates: Ongoing Until Further Notice

Various Times

Location: Online Recorded Webinars

Public Individual Sessions and Video Library

I also give one-to-one sessions which allow more individualized attention. Bring whatever is most up for you and I apply the process/tool that my intuition says use. You get the Visual Map afterwards. Videos are recorded and shared here in the eZine and on my ShiftItCoach YouTube Channel, where you can find a growing library on various topics to assist with parallel processing.

Prerequisite: None

Visual Coach Certification 2021 - Online Course

Pandemic Pricing (Save 50%) Fall Cohort Sold Out!

Two Cohorts to Choose From:
Spring Cohort: Tuesdays: March 30 - Sept. 21, 2021 (Noon-1:30 Pacific)
Fall Cohort: Tuesdays: Sept. 28, 2021 - Feb. 1, 2022 (Noon-1:30 Pacific)

Location: Online Live Zoom Webinars, 10+ sessions

Use my Visual Coaching techniques and tools in your internal job or external practice. For managers, coaches, counselors, therapists, HR professionals, financial advisors, mediators, disability specialists, teachers and more. Includes 40 visual tools, instruction and supervision plus diverse international cohort of colleagues. Together we help ourselves, others and the planet shift.

Prerequisite: SHIFT-IT AND Fundamentals of Working Visually (or equivalent experience).

SHIFT-IT Online Retreat

Pandemic Prices (Save 50%)

Dates: September 10-14, 2021

Location: Online Retreat Via Live Zoom Webinars

Dive deep with like-minded and hearted people from across the globe. Visual techniques to draw your inner wisdom out. So you know how to be and do during these intense shift times. No art skills required although if you are an artist you can use your flair to your heart's desire. Be forewarned this is a very powerful experience - you do these maps you will shift!

*** Pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification

*** Also available in Kit format if live times aren't doable.

Prerequisite: None

Visual Satsangs

Deep Community. True People. Visual Support.

faces on computer screen in online meeting


Write [email protected] to be added to waitlist.

Oct. 23, 2021 - Feb. 19, 2022 (10am - Noon Pacific)

Location: Online Live Zoom Webinars, 16 sessions

My deepest container yet. Satsang is a Sanskrit word, meaning to associate with true people. We take a nondual / oneness approach. Everyone and everything is welcomed and met. We maturely use the many triggers of our intense times to do our inner work. Deep understanding and bonds form. If you are really ready to honestly use these divisionary times to grow yourself and be who YOU are meant to be, this is the group for you.

*** Good too for Certified Visual Coaches (and those working on the credential) to witness me working with the advanced maps throughout.

Prerequisite: None

Fast & Loose Sketch Club

For New and Repeat Sketchers

April 20-July 6, 2022 (9:30-11:00am Pacific)

Location: Online Live Zoom Webinars, 12 sessions

The fabulous Rhoda Draws is back! For Visual Practitioners and other creatives who want to draw better and faster. A crash course in design whether you work analog (paper) or digital (tablet) or both. Come each week as we step-by-step help you to build your craft. With plenty of fun, laughter and bawdy humor (Rhoda's specialty).

*** Also available in Kit format if live times aren't doable

Prerequisite: None


Fundamentals of Working Visually

Immediate Download Available

18-Module Home Study Kit: Visual Skills for Process Work with Groups and Individuals.

Visual Coaching: The SHIFT-IT System

Immediate Download Available

7 Module Home Retreat Kit: Draw Your Vision and Erase Your Resistance.

Shift Into Digital Work

Immediate Download Available

10 Module Home Study Kit: Expand Your Services With Digital Drawing Tech.

Fast & Loose Sketching: Full Course

Immediate Download Available

10-Module Home Study Kit: Two Niche Experts Help You Draw Better and Faster.

Fast & Loose Sketching: More Heads & Hands

Immediate Download Available

10 Module Home Study Kit: Deeper Dive on Drawing Heads and Hands.

Cartoon and Storyboard Techniques Kit

Immediate Download Available

10 Module Home Study Kit: Learn Cartoon and Storyboard Tricks from Animation Director Karen Lloyd.

Business Essentials for Process Professionals

Immediate Download Available

10-Module Home Study Kit: Build or Refresh Your $50-300K Practice.

Practical Energy Work

Immediate Download Available

15-Module Home Study Kit: Right Brain Techniques for Professional and Personal Success.


In-House Visual Skills Training (online or in-person at your location or mine):

Have several people in the same organization or region that want to be trained to work visually? – More Details

Private Visual Skills Training (online or in-person in Victoria, Canada):

Want personal instruction in working visually? 1-3 private training days. – More Details

Private Visual Coaching (online):

Hire me as your private Visual Coach. Choose from 1-12 Online Sessions – More Details

Private Visual Coaching (in-person in Victoria, Canada):

2-Day, 1-Day and Half-Day formats. – More Details

Graphic Facilitation Services:

Agenda Design and Process Facilitation. Specialties in Strategic Planning, Visioning and Teams – More Details

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I look forward to working with you!

Christina Merkley

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