Category: Inner Work

FLIP IT GOOD on the Economy

I’ve just written an article that will be shared in tomorrow’s e-zine called  “Vibrational Tips for Being Calm During Economic and Political Winds”. In it I go through some of the economic and political stuff currently going on and share tips from a Law of Attraction perspective about how to remain balanced, calm and assertive… Read more »

Tools for Doing Abraham-Hick’s Focus Wheel Process

My work as the SHIFT-IT Coach is all about helping my clients define what they really, really want and then align with that.  Basically help you ‘become a vibrational match’ to your Personal Vision. I use all sorts of tools to literally help you make a shift in your vibration – change the habitual ways that… Read more »

6 Ways to Correct a Negative Spiral

We’ve all have them.  Sometimes they last a short period.  Sometimes they last weeks, months, years, decades – yikes, perhaps even a lifetime.  I’m talking about downward spirals.  Where negatives things pile one on top of another, until it seems that is the only reality that exists. In the last few weeks I’ve fielded several… Read more »