Room with a View

Thankfully I don’t travel quite as much as I used to (as my practice is shifting more to phone work or people flying to Victoria to work with me in my studio). Throughout my career I have had some real highs and some real lows in terms of destinations and accommocations. Early on, when I… Read more »

Visual Bios

Alrighty then.  Since starting this blog I have been wondering how to get larger visuals on it (I am the GRAPHIC coach after all … so it has been driving me nuts to be mostly limited to words on this medium). I just figured out that I can post photos on a Flickr account, and… Read more »

Kudos and Acknowledgements

Talking of passing the baton (see previous post) … several of my ‘mentees’ from my Meeting Graphics 101 training are really pushing the envelope in terms of their graphic skills. Strategy consultant Doug T from Virginia is doing history and vision maps with his architecturial design firm clients – and using graphics to explain globalization/flatworld… Read more »

Passing the Baton and Expanded Trainings

As my consulting and coaching practice grows I am increasingly passing the baton on graphic recording and mapmaking work ( the work that I first began my facilitation career with and that is explained in my site). Choosing instead to personally train others in these rare skills, so my experience doesn’t die with me… Read more »

Dispatches from the IFVP Conference

Peter Durand of Alphachimp Studios in Philadelphia, PA is doing a bang up job of covering the International Forum of Visual Practitioners Conference that is occurring this weekend down in Lake Tahoe, CA. See Peter Durand’s Blog for summaries of speakers, photos and general buzz — he’s posting all sorts of cool info as the… Read more »

The Law of Attraction and Interactive Graphics

As you can see from this site (and if you are a past or present client you certainly know) … I work visually with groups and individuals. Helping people literally SEE where they have been, where they are and where they would most like to go. Doing all sorts of belief work and planning work… Read more »

A Shout Out to MG 101 Attendees

Beautiful, crisp, sunny morning here in Victoria B.C. Looking out my window as I type I see blue sky, multi-colored leaves and people heading over to the local Starbucks for their morning coffee. A gorgeous sunny fall morning – ahhhh, life is good. Gotta tell you, I’m feeling pretty darn grateful right now. Yesterday I… Read more »

Visual Practitioners Conference

So, what is this work called? Do other people do what you do? I get those questions a lot as I go about my business as a graphic coach, graphic facilitator and mapmaker – helping people do different kinds of thinking via different visual methods. Yes, there are other people who do the work that… Read more »

My L.A. Trip

I wrote in last month’s ezine how I was going down to L.A. to work with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy at her Speed Copywriting Workshop. I did a bunch of pre-prepared large murals for Lorrie before hand. An agenda chart, a Visual Bio of her professional path, and an Overview Chart of her… Read more »

Welcome to the New Graphic Coaching Site!

Hi all. Welcome to my new site! This one is completely dedicated to my interactive graphics work (graphic coaching) with individuals, couples and biz partners. My previous site, is centered on my visual work with groups and organizations (graphic facilitation and graphic recording). This site has been a while in coming (like years!) …… Read more »