Definitions Chart

Originally uploaded by graphiccoach   As this field of Visual Practitioners grows, I’m finding it increasingly necessary with potential clients and with folks who attend my trainings to begin our conversation with a definition of terms. What exactly is it that my client is wanting when they use the terms ‘graphic facilitation’ or ‘graphic recording’,… Read more »

Back From Alaskan Abraham-Hicks Cruise

Back From Alaskan Abraham-Hicks Cruise: Your friendly neighborhood graphic coach (that’s me) is just back from another Abraham-Hicks cruise – this one was up and down the Alaskan Coast (last January, you might remember, I went on one to Hawaii). I attend the Abraham cruises because it’s the longest access I can get to my… Read more »

Early Bird Pricing for IFVP Conference

Just got this note in from the International Forum of Visual Practitioners Conference about their upcoming conference.  The deadline for getting in on the early bird pricing is fast approach.  I have recommended this event consistently over the years (see my post a while back) and all who have attended under my recommendation have been… Read more »

Seattle Abraham Trip

Went on a trip to Seattle this past weekend – primarily to attend the Abraham-Hicks workshop held on Saturday, but also to fit in some sight seeing around the area (Space Needle, Mount St. Helens and Port Townsend). The Abraham event had an interesting cross-section of people and their questions: Philanthropist wanting guidance on how… Read more »


What does “Graphic Coaching” mean? I look at your portfolio and it looks cool, but I don’t quite get how it is created? I’ve seen you in action doing graphic facilitation with a group … is that what you do with individuals? These are the kinds of questions I get as I go about my… Read more »

My Abraham-Hicks Addiction

If you are a coaching client or a subscriber to my e-zine, you will know that I have a serious Abraham-Hicks addiction.  I have been following the teachings of Abraham, through the interpretation of Esther Hicks, for about five years now.  And my ‘addiction’ is going strong, as I am working my way slowly but… Read more »

Recommendation: Holosync Meditation Technology

Something I want to bring to your attention that is very compatible with my SHIFT-IT graphic coaching work: a product called Holosync® Meditation Technology from Centerpointe Research Institute. Shifting your life is about coming to SEE what you are doing and making changes based off of that information. As a Graphic Coach, I spend my… Read more »

Speaking at IFVP Conference

Alerting you to the annual International Forum of Visual Practitioners Conference – October 18-21, 2007 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This gathering attracts the scattered members of our ‘Visual Practitioners’ tribe: various folks from around the globe who work in visual ways: graphic recorders, graphic facilitators, different types of scribes, performers, artists and the like.… Read more »