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May’s Meeting Graphics 101 Workshop

Besides my coaching and facilitation practices, about a third of my work these days is in training other professionals (trainers, consultants, facilitators, coaches, project managers, mediators, etc) on the basic graphic skills that can be used with groups and individuals.  You see, this graphic way of working is rare, and even more rare is finding someone… Read more »

Great Graphic Bootcamp

Last Wednesday and Thursday,  I hosted my Graphic Bootcamp here in Victoria, BC.   Twelve folks from all over North America came to further hone their custom chart work, graphic recording and graphic facilitation skills.          There was a gigantic handbook of samples and examples,  lots of demos, small table work to sketch things… Read more »

Graphic Recording Skills

Tomorrow I lead my Graphic Bootcamp here in Victoria, British Columbia.  Its an advance skill development and marketing / business development workshop for graphic recorders and graphic facilitators – people who want to further improve their ability to graphically record and facilitate business meetings, community events, conferences and the like.  Who want some help boosting… Read more »

Graphics Bootcamp: Advance Skills Public Workshop

At long last the Graphics Bootcamp is here! Advance training in the rare skills of Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. One of the few places in the world (I’m not kidding!), where one can get personalized, mastermind-group type attention to build competency and confidence in these unique and effective group methods. I was lucky enough… Read more »

Kudos and Acknowledgements

Talking of passing the baton (see previous post) … several of my ‘mentees’ from my Meeting Graphics 101 training are really pushing the envelope in terms of their graphic skills. Strategy consultant Doug T from Virginia is doing history and vision maps with his architecturial design firm clients – and using graphics to explain globalization/flatworld… Read more »

Passing the Baton and Expanded Trainings

As my consulting and coaching practice grows I am increasingly passing the baton on graphic recording and mapmaking work ( the work that I first began my facilitation career with and that is explained in my site). Choosing instead to personally train others in these rare skills, so my experience doesn’t die with me… Read more »

A Shout Out to MG 101 Attendees

Beautiful, crisp, sunny morning here in Victoria B.C. Looking out my window as I type I see blue sky, multi-colored leaves and people heading over to the local Starbucks for their morning coffee. A gorgeous sunny fall morning – ahhhh, life is good. Gotta tell you, I’m feeling pretty darn grateful right now. Yesterday I… Read more »