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SHIFT-IT-ONLINE Use Visuals Tools to Clarify Life’s Next Chapter

There are special times in life when it’s helpful to step back and LOOK at where you are … and CLARIFY where you next want to be.  Transitional times when an old self is making way for a new self: Career and job changes; Significant birthdays (especially the ones that end in 0); Relationship shifts… Read more »

SHIFT-IT Online, Begins a Week From Saturday Visual Coaching Via Supportive Cohort

Another fun and effective Visual Coaching cohort is right around the corner! Fully online and available across the globe, this powerful 7-week experience is for anybody in a transition or itching for subtle or strong change in your professional and/or personal life. To contemplate what’s next, how come, with whom, when … and how you… Read more »

Our Shift From Type 0 to Type 1 Civilization Status

Audio Version: Click Player to Stream or Right Click on Link to Download. For full Audio Library of Past Messages, Click Here This issue of the SHIFT-IT eZine I’m sharing some thoughts and resources on a REALLY BIG SHIFT — the shift of our civilization from Type 0 status to Type 1 status.  A massive… Read more »

Last Hours of Training & Coaching Sale: Sneak In Under the Wire

Christina Merkley

For leaders, managers, business owners, consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, therapists, educators, scribes … and anyone who does (or wants to do) professional visual process work with groups and individuals. Last chance to save up to 40% on selected 2017 courses, private coaching and private training. Plus additionally strategic time to stock up on your Professional… Read more »


Audio Version: Click Player to Stream or Right Click on Link to Download. For full Audio Library of Past Messages, Click Here Whether you are an old hand at Visual Coaching or are completely new to it, we can all benefit from reflecting on our lives every once in a while: to identify what mid-course… Read more »


Geez, it’s been one intense fall, hasn’t it?! I decided to stay in the U.S. for Election Day during my recent road trip. Felt historic and I wanted to be around for it. Boy it was intense in the household I was staying at, with mostly Clinton supporters aghast as the results came in.  This… Read more »

Practical Energy Work: Join Powerhouse Cohort This Saturday

I’m excited … the energy is palpably brewing for Saturday’s kick off of the Practical Energy Work online course. Last year was the very first time I offered this special new course.  I created it after a series of remarkable events happened to me, which sky rocketed my intuitive and energetic abilities. Most of last… Read more »

[Starts Saturday] Tap The Wisdom of Your Right-Brain Smarts

As a Facilitator, Coach and Mentor to other Process Professionals across the globe, I’m always on the lookout for methods and approaches that help groups and individuals become their desired Next Selves. Since the beginning of my career I’ve been heavily involved in ‘working visually’ … using graphic approaches to assist groups and individuals in… Read more »

[Upcoming Course: Practical Energy Work] Harness The Right-Brain Intelligence Of Yourself and Your Clients

At SHIFT-IT School I offer a broad range of left-brain and right-brain courses and development experiences, all designed to boost the level of satisfaction, meaning and fun in your work and life. Last year I added a very well received new course to my roster: Practical Energy Work, my most “right-brain” program to date. In… Read more »