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[Cave Digger Documentary] Excellent SHIFT-IT Inspiration

I love documentaries  and I love documentaries about quirky, talented people. And how they overcome the odds to do what they feel compelled to accomplish in their life. Ra Paulette definitely fits that description and he and his passion are the focus of Jeffrey Karoff’s short documentary called Cave Digger (nominated for 2014 Academy Award).… Read more »

A Note from Christina

It’s a fascinating time of catalytic change. My regular drumbeat of classes is proceeding this season plus all sorts of new stirrings are going on inside of me, literally hammering to get out (ouch). The SHIFT-IT Online cohort is up and running. All introduced to each other and to the SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System® …… Read more »

[Tree Change Dolls] A Sign of an Important SHIFT in Perceptions of Female Beauty for Little (and Big) Girls

This crossed my desk and I’m happy to share. Beautiful little video about one woman’s life long love of dolls and the surprising inspiration she got — and the viral reaction across the internet to that inspiration. Quite the transformation don’t ya think?! This is a great SHIFT-IT example of one woman who was open… Read more »

[Balance to My Digital World] The Many Moods of Victoria’s Shoreline

It has snuck up on me these last years — working virtually with my SHIFT-IT clients and those I mentor in visual skills. I do occasionally travel and some clients do travel to me here in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada … however, the majority of my work nowadays involves working with folks from around… Read more »

A Note from Christina

Well, time keeps moving along at its rapid pace, eh. We are into February already. This month brings the return of regular classes into my schedule. SHIFT-IT Online starts Saturday and Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals (the online version) starts on the 23rd. And Visual Coach Certification 2015, is down the line in April. It’s been kind… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Happy New Year! As a coach, I love the New Year energy … when we’ve swung past those compression days at the end of the year and are slowly but surely opening to more light and momentum. 2014 was such an intense year for our planet and many of us Process Workers. I have a… Read more »

A Note from Christina

Had a lovely time last week providing a 2-Day Visual Skills in-house workshop to a group of Process Professionals in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Thank you Erin Campbell Howell of ECHI Consulting Inc. for making this happen (including the schlepping of materials and this trainer!). As I wrote last issue, I was a little concerned about… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Well … my team and I have been busy this last while as we prepare to LOAD UP THE DELIVERY STORK with a NEW BABY … … my internationally acclaimed FUNDAMENTALS OF INTERACTIVE-VISUALS course available next week via Home Study!!! Until now, if you wanted to train with me in the visual way of working… Read more »