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A Note From Christina

Oh it’s been an interesting couple of weeks for those of us interested in process work. So many issues in our world are bubbling to the surface, hopefully as part of the process of working things out to a better, higher vibe place. I’m so optimistic about where we might be headed, but the terrain… Read more »

A Note From Christina

How are you holding up during these activating and accelerating times we are in? I’m deep into contemplating the state of our world and what the heck is going on. And, given that larger context, how best to direct my attention, skills and time?! The crazy financial systems (how DOES another trillion dollars go missing?!).… Read more »

A Note from Christina

Things are whipping along this spring season! We launched the 2015 Cohort of Visual Coach Certification these last few weeks. Another wonderful cohort to guide through the ins and outs of adding Visual Coaching, and my SHIFT-IT System®, to their process toolkits. This year’s cohort attracts participants from Canada, United States, South Africa, Germany and… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Spring has super sprung here in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Blossoms are everywhere —hanging from trees and sprouting up from the ground. And trees, big and small, are bursting into leaf. It’s beautiful and boy oh boy am I (and apparently JJ too) allergic this year. We are both sneezing away! A small price… Read more »

Christina Merkley: My Right Brain Journey

A few posts ago I shared my left-brain journey. Now I’m going to share my right-brain journey. Not as a narcissistic exercise or true confessions but rather to hopefully be of help and service. To give equal attention and merit to the right-brain sides of us, which often gets short shrift or even derogatory treatment… Read more »

A Note from Christina Merkley

We had an important milestone this week … the first ever Drop-in Community Webinar for our new Interactive-Visuals eCommunity. This is a complementary service for graduates of our visual programs. A place to connect with other Visual Keeners from across the globe, to continue your learning with visual skills, to network, and to share tips… Read more »

Documentary: Citizen Four

Was able to catch up on a few films I’ve wanted to watch and was not disappointed. Citizen Four won Best Documentary (long form) at recent Oscar Awards. It’s the story of young whistleblower Edward Snowden as filmed by Laura Poitras … one of the journalists he contacted with the massive stash of NSA surveillance… Read more »