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A Note From Christina

I’m back in the full swing of things … having an interesting and varied fall so far. Had a nice Drop-In Webinar with our Interactive-Visuals eCommunity (grads of my various visual skills programs). And also reconnected with the 2015 Visual Coach Certification after their summer hiatus. Plus private distance sessions with clients sprinkled in various… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Today is a loaded day in the North American psyche and in the world at large, given the magnitude and effects of the 9/11, 2001 attack. What a heavy timeline it’s been this decade plus in the Middle East and beyond. Perhaps you, like me, remember where you were when you found out about what… Read more »

A Note from Christina

Wow, that summer flew by, I can’t believe Labour Day is right around the corner here in Canada.  I certainly have been labouring, so hopefully I’ll have that day off at least! New Course Coming Along: The new Practical Energy Work course prep is going great … although I’m a little delayed in having the… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Geez the summer is flying by. I feel like I get up, walk the dog, do some writing and reading, then the day is gone. The days are flying past. And I still have A LOT to do before the fall season of classes and coaching starts. No rest for the wicked I suppose! In… Read more »

A Note From Christina Merkley

Well, that’s a weird title for an eZine eh!? What the heck is “Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence” or P.E.A.T. for short? Well, besides being a mouthful … it’s a fascinating modality I’ve been learning and the subject of this issue’s article (see further down in the eZine). I just officially wrapped my long season… Read more »


Summer is flowing along nicely here in surprisingly sunny Victoria, British Columbia. This is the time of year that I get to decompress a bit. Long dog walks with JJ in the mornings before I sit down in front of the computer to get some long awaited research, writing and curriculum development done. Then outside… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Christina Merkley

Whew, that was a LONG run … January through June is my longest season. Not only am I running classes, but I took a few this season too. I LOVE what I do but running a little school and keeping up with the latest for my SHIFT-IT coaching practice is hard work! I thoroughly enjoyed… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Christina Merkley's Graphic Recording Demo

This issue of The SHIFT-IT eZine is a tad tardy … because most of the last two weeks have been filled with prep and fulfillment of our in-person visual skills trainings: Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals and Magic Marker Retreat. I LOVE leading these workshops and its fun to do them back-to-back for those who want to… Read more »