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You Will Survive!

I live outside Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in the rural woods.  Its a rain forest, which means it rains for half the flippin’ year. However, all the rain means we’re surrounded by BEAUTIFUL green forests. I also have a dog.  Dog+forests = lots of trail walking. I was walking on Blinkhorn Lake Trail yesterday and… Read more »

The Odd Couple: JJ & Riley

Morning walk with the Odd Couple has been accomplished ...

Many of you are aware of JJ my teeny tiny Yorkie.  He’s been my buddy for going on 7 years now.  His Yorkie ears often make an appearance on my online class videos given he sleeps on my lap as I’m working at the computer. The bigger character above is my parent’s dog Riley.  Riley… Read more »


It’s summer here in the Pacific Northwest and the living is easy … or at least warm! Summer is one of two chances throughout the year for me to take a few weeks off from client work and running courses. I love ya all however I need to take a break from time to time… Read more »

A Note from Christina

Just a Little Note From The eZine About What I (and JJ) Have Been Up To The Last While. Our Nature Odyssey Continues As Maybe Another Year In the Woods. Downtown Construction Taking a Long Time! Online Courses Going Great Via SHIFT-IT School – a Few Spots Left in Online And In-person Visual Skills Training. Plus Visual Coach Certification is Right Around the Corner, Get Your Requisites Done Now. Cohort Forming.


Happy Winter Solstice from the Pacific Northwest! This year we are experiencing a snow spell rather than the usual rain.  Which has its pros and cons. The pros are the peace and beauty!  The cons are the tree branches that come crashing down and the resulting power outages. Thankfully all fall classes for SHIFT-IT School… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Time continues to truck along doesn’t it?! It’s now solidly into the winter season here on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia, Canada. All of my fall SHIFT-IT School classes are ticking nicely along (Fundamentals of Working Visually, Practical Energy Work 1 and Practical Energy Work 2). Great cohorts with good diversity of backgrounds,… Read more »

A Note From Christina

I am LONG overview due sending out my SHIFT-IT eZine. Every year I take the month of August off to have some ‘me’ time, important for those of us who help others for a living. I use that precious time for my own personal development and to do things on my bucket list. Going to… Read more »

A Note from Christina

Hello from South America! As you read this eZine (if you are reading it on the day it is published) I am at spectacular Machu Picchu in Peru. Today is my 49th birthday. I’m in the midst of a 3-day sightseeing excursion. Then I’m participating in a week-long spiritual retreat led by pioneering ethnobotanist Dennis… Read more »

A Note From Christina

Finished the Spring 2017 season off with a bang – 5 days of back-to-back Visual Skills Trainings. Thank you to all who came, I don’t know how it gets more delicious each year, but it does! Already getting very impressive progress reports about how these skills are getting used back in your home turfs, bravo! We are refreshing our sites for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters, see overview for what’s coming.