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SHIFT-IT eCommunity Drop-In Webinar – October 20, 2018

Nice drop-in of participants for The SHIFT-IT eCommunity today – for grads of my Visual Coaching programs (SHIFT-IT, Practical Energy Work and Visual Coach Certification). Helped one member recognize the cues from her subconscious about a new dawn breaking in her life.  Using a technique from my Practical Energy Work course called AlphaMind.  Which allows… Read more »

View From My Office

Been travelling the last two weeks AND launching a few of my online courses too.  In the background has been spectacular weather here on the West Coast of Canada.  Bright sunshine and blue skies.  Crisp air … the kind where you need sweater, boots and a fun scarf. I LOVE my work … so its… Read more »

My Waiting Room This Morning

Waiting and waiting. Beautiful morning in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where I live but apparently Seattle, Washington, USA is fogged in. So I’m waiting over on my side until the fog lifts over there.  Its only a 30 minute flight. I’m headed over to to Seattle for part 2 of a Shamanic skills workshop I’m… Read more »

Shamanic Psychopomp Work

Just wrapped 4 day Shamanic Psychopomp course with Betsy Bergstrom in Seattle. This is a picture from her altar table.  A whole bevy of psychopomp allies from many traditions from around the world.  Betsy’s heritage is Icelandic I believe, so her Norse lineage understanding is a new one for me that I’ve finding very interesting.… Read more »

Sunflower Music

I find this really amazing and fascinating.  Did you know that sunflowers make music?  I didn’t officially know that but it makes my heart smile to learn this … I think our hearts know this, don’t they. Everything makes its own music (sound, frequency, vibration).  Give the link a click to actually hear what sunflowers… Read more »

You Will Survive!

I live outside Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in the rural woods.  Its a rain forest, which means it rains for half the flippin’ year. However, all the rain means we’re surrounded by BEAUTIFUL green forests. I also have a dog.  Dog+forests = lots of trail walking. I was walking on Blinkhorn Lake Trail yesterday and… Read more »

The Odd Couple: JJ & Riley

Morning walk with the Odd Couple has been accomplished ...

Many of you are aware of JJ my teeny tiny Yorkie.  He’s been my buddy for going on 7 years now.  His Yorkie ears often make an appearance on my online class videos given he sleeps on my lap as I’m working at the computer. The bigger character above is my parent’s dog Riley.  Riley… Read more »


It’s summer here in the Pacific Northwest and the living is easy … or at least warm! Summer is one of two chances throughout the year for me to take a few weeks off from client work and running courses. I love ya all however I need to take a break from time to time… Read more »

A Note from Christina

Just a Little Note From The eZine About What I (and JJ) Have Been Up To The Last While. Our Nature Odyssey Continues As Maybe Another Year In the Woods. Downtown Construction Taking a Long Time! Online Courses Going Great Via SHIFT-IT School – a Few Spots Left in Online And In-person Visual Skills Training. Plus Visual Coach Certification is Right Around the Corner, Get Your Requisites Done Now. Cohort Forming.