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[SHIFT-IT School] Add “Working Visually” To Your Process Toolkit

Learn Visual Faciitation Skills

Just an FYI, that the next Online Version of our internationally acclaimed Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals workshop starts October 6th (the Early Bird registration ends this upcoming Monday, Sept. 8th). Interactive-Visuals” is the umbrella term I use to sum up the four main ways of working visually with groups and individuals: Studio Work Graphic Recording Graphic… Read more »

Integration of Summer Travels

I had a REALLY good summer ‘vacation’. Quotes around the word vacation, cause a lot of it was still work related but thankfully I have the kind of work that fits in with my natural preferences so it doesn’t feel like ‘work-work’. It feels like curiosity, exploration, research, fascination and adventure … it feels FUN!… Read more »

Belleruth Naparstek’s View: Time for a Rant On Robin Williams, Bipolar Illness & Our Need for Simple Answers

I was on the road when a friend texted me about Robin Williams suicide. The note was followed by several unhappy face emoticons 🙁 🙁 🙁  … which is a good summation for how this impacted pop culture. The news cut through our world and brought a vibration of sadness, concern and shock.   For… Read more »

A Note From Christina

I’m technically on vacation (even though I’m holed up in the lovely Palm Desert Public Library writing this Zine until I can check into my latest hotel on my road trip). I just spent a week in the California Desert of the Mojave Preserve … right near the spectacular Joshua Tree National Park. It’s the… Read more »


Contact in the Desert is a conference dedicated to the wide-ranging fields connected to what is popularly known as UFOs. It was held (for the 2nd time) in Joshua Tree, California, U.S.A on August 8-11, 2014. And I attended, along with 2000 others from around the world. Why? Well, for a lot of reasons …… Read more »

A Note From Christina

A belated Happy Canada Day to the Canucks and Happy 4th to the Yanks! Our summer is officially kicking off with these celebrations. Been a great couple of weeks since the last eZine … The lovely ladies of Magic Marker Mastermind completed their final retreat of their 6-month program. What a delight they have been… Read more »


Wishing a country and its inhabitants a happy holiday on its anniversary is actually a complicated thing. No country is perfect and mine (Canada) is no different. We have a LONG way to go in lots of areas … environment, better respect for First Nations, conscious business practices, radical improvements in the healthcare, education systems… Read more »


Don’t get me wrong … I appreciate me a good conspiracy theory. I wouldn’t be a proper card carrying 6 on the Enneagram if I didn’t.   But after consuming a batch of my regular alternative media viewing: Gaiam TV, Solari Report, Project Camelot, and the various authors/speakers associated with Contact in the Desert …… Read more »