Public Visual Satsang #51 on Thursday, October 20, 2022. Self Inquiries, Ghost and Orphan Rescues

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0:00   Welcome and Meditation
0:07   Reports & What’s Arising
0:24   Self Inquiry: Elderly Parent Overwhelm
0:47   Self Inquiry: Exquisitely Gentle Inner Child
1:26   Self Inquiry: Stuck After Publishing Book
1:56   Self Inquiry: Mom’s Home Care Work Just Quit!
2:22   Ghost Rescue: Crossing Over Assistance
2:36   Mass Orphan Rescue: Not Chosen
3:43   Next Date and Close


Self Inquiries and a Ghost Rescue … Public Visual Satsang #51 went for FOUR HOURS! Twice its usual length. Yes, I could have said uncle on it earlier, but everyone who came had something significant to process. So we did!

[Self Inquiry] Elderly Parent Overwhelm: Leena is providing caregiver assistance for her elderly father. We helped her meet her overwhelm with the process of selling her Dad’s home and moving him cross-province to where she lives. Watch her shift from overwhelm to trusting the process, even when it’s hard.

[Self Inquiry] Exquisitely Gentle Inner Child: Sharon discovered a breathtakingly innocent and sweet inner child, who has never been heard nor had her gift received. We did both, listened to her AND honored her gift of gentleness. Yes please!

[Self Inquiry] Stuck After Publishing Book: Sara is feeling stuck after writing and publishing her book. We met the stuckness. Then came frustration. Then came some understandable stomping. Then all sorts of physical release movements. Turns out her body wants to move in the physical world, not just digital. Her hands crave physical instruments to make things with. Follow those subtle movements – they know!

[Self Inquiry] Mom’s Home Care Worker Just Quit! Andi’s elderly mother lives several states away. Her Mom’s home care worker quit with absolutely no notice. We held space for her as she worked her way from panic and despair to “It’s Ok” and “She’s OK”. With extra support for grace to be on the case, with a solution to the dilemma.

[Ghost Rescue] Crossing Over Assistance: Jill always brings interesting things to Satsang. This time she brought a ghost, hehe. Literally, a child one – a compassionate dispossession. Was the fastest Psychopomp (crossing over) I have ever facilitated. We simply pointed out the little wanderer to her ancestral angel, who took things over from there. Thanks, Family Angel, our honor to assist!

[Mass Orphan Rescue] Not Chosen: We ended with some profound inner work by Asia. A mass Orphan Rescue of unsupported child and teen parts. Much neglect, due to the unfortunate early fracturing of her family. Painful pattern of “Not Being Chosen”. No thank you to the polarity of low self-esteem and grandiosity. No thank you to abandonment, shame, posturing, social climbing and outward status. Yes please to joining the egalitarian tribe of ‘we are good enough’. To being part of a global team, who each does their part, in their own unique way.

Given we moved fast and furious, only the first two had notes.

Visual Maps:

From Burden to Trust

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Self Inquiries, Ghost and Orphan Rescues [Public Visual Satsang 51B] You Are Welcome Here

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