Public Visual Satsang #52 on Friday, November 11, 2022. Polarity of Empty vs Full.

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0:00  Welcome and Meditation
0:11  Reports & What’s Arising
0:30  [Polarity Square] Empty vs Full
1:21  Next Date and Close


Sometimes a theme emerges in a Satsang, and that’s what happened in this one. We had a group theme that occupied us for the length of the gathering.

Sharon started us off, with a Report on how her Inner Work is going. She had a breakthrough after some intense Orphan Rescues. The result is a more settled nervous system. Major feelings of calm, stillness and even emptiness.

A wonderful result, however, she notices that something inside feels uncomfortable, and wants to immediately interrupt the Calm and distract or fill it.

A common experience for many of us, when we encounter the vastness of Stillness (there are often many layers to work through to get truly comfy with it).

Others reported related riffs on the same theme. Noticing they accumulate things or experiences, even if they haven’t used previous ones, or don’t really have the time or energy for them. Or continue to secure the creations of others, even though they want to create their own, but don’t.

The polarities abounded. We could have gone with any of them. We chose the first on the list. And did a collective Polarity Square on Empty vs Full.

Empty / Full
Complete / Incomplete
Consumption / Creation
Enough / Not Enough
Structure / Creativity
Discipline / Flow
Internal / External

Unfortunately, I had tech difficulties with my drawing tablet (a perfect storm of app upgrades, all at the same time). It wasn’t elegant but was functional enough.

After completing our collective Polarity Square, a spontaneous Self Inquiry happened with Sharon. ‘Softening’ realized there was more room for it to occupy. So it liberated itself just a little bit more … stretching out to take up the room that contraction had left behind. Yes please!

Visual Map:

Empty vs Full [Public Visual Satsang 52]

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