I hosted Public Visual Satsang #53 on Thursday, December 8, 2022 – All Is Welcome Here.

See below for video, timestamps, summary, visual maps and date of next Satsang – all welcome!


0:00:00  Welcome and Meditation
0:08:01  Reports & What’s Arising
0:09:42  [Self Inquiry] Don’t Have to Tear Shit Up
0:37:47  [Self Inquiry] Got a $10K Grant – Now What?!
1:11:27  [Self Inquiry] My Inner Axe Murderer
1:19:01  [Self Inquiry] Horrible Hospital Stay
2:10:09  Next Date and Close


Self Inquiry: Don’t Have to Tear Shit Up
Dolly brought Fear to Satsang. Her Mind, Heart and Belly all took their turns in respectfully meeting it. Fear said ‘it is going to be okay. A wall of conditioning emerged. She melted it and plugged its holes with flowers. Tension loosens as it’s listened to with kindness. The realization she can let go and let Grace, rather than tear shit up!

Self Inquiry: Got a $10K Grant – Now What?!
Great news – LB’s artistic offering received a $10K grant! She’s wrestling with the next stage of its development. As an artist, she’s very comfy with messy emergence. We helped her meet Outer Criticism and Inner Doubt. She does want to do a business, but what’s her measurement? Practicality, Legitimacy and Sustainability are invited to embody more fully. With an assist from Barbara Sher and barnstorming. Yes!

Self Inquiry: My Inner Axe Murderer
Some interesting characters come to Satsang. In this espresso session (no notes) Andy safely met and expressed her Inner Axe Murderer. Understandable anger at maddening bureaucracy. In doing so she met a hidden, deeper layer underneath – of sadness and fragility. Awwwww, you are welcome sweet one! Come here, come here. Satsang is for you too!

Self Inquiry: Horrible Hospital Stay
Ginette is just out of the hospital. She had a traumatic experience of being misunderstood and maligned by her medical team. We meet layers of understandable upset and isolation, with presence. Soul retrieval for fragmentation. Eventually calming her nervous system. Settling her vigilance in order to relax and allow sleep. All the best to you Ginette. It’s times like this that I wish Zoom had a hug feature!

Visual Maps:

ALL IS WELCOME HERE [Public Visual Satsang 53B]
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ALL IS WELCOME HERE [Public Visual Satsang 53A]
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Wednesday, December 28, 10:00-Noon Pacific Time
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