Push the “BE” Button

Every few weeks I offer a public, non-dual (oneness) drop-in, where we process the yin/yang of our lives during these times.

Here’s Public Visual Satsang #55, hosted on Thursday, January 19, 2023 – Push the “BE” Button.

See below for the video, timestamps, summary, visual maps and date of the next Satsang – all welcome!


0:00:00  Welcome and Meditation
0:06:26  Reports & What’s Arising
0:11:29  [Self Inquiry] Yes to Trust and Timelessness
0:40:31  [Self Inquiry] The New Moon
0:55:44  [Self Inquiry] Push the “BE” Button
1:34:32  Next Date and Close


Self Inquiry: Yes to Trust and Timelessness
Lisa has a business opportunity. She has a deep Longing to actualize it, but stuff is in the way. First up she meets Overwhelm and being Half-Assed. Which quickly leads to Shame, with Blank (a popular protector) right behind. Watch as we dive into the deep clay of her Belly, who wants to viscerally leave a mark. Yes to tooling around on the 8-foot table with Delight. Ahhhhhh, the Humane Aspect is to be applied. The counter to Pressure is Trust and Timelessness.

Self Inquiry: The New Moon
Holly is Spring Cleaning her shed of the Baggage and Weight of many old boxes. She’s ready for this process however she Mourns the loss of old identities including Performer and Singer. Should she have gone to the Song Writing Camp instead? No, it’s Good Timing to clear the Old to make way for the New. Goodbye Foggy Window. Hello to Space and New Moon. Time to Breathe and Envision. Yes!

Self Inquiry: Push the “BE” Button
Matteo is in the Limbo Land after the death of Dad, quitting job and renting home. He’s in sunny Mexico but his Inner Project Manager continues to kick. We meet Anxiety in the knot of his stomach. Hola, we’re here! Kind Presence is his Blue Therapy. Hit the “BE” button. Quiet the Mind. Build Capacity through Time Out. Italian Son Guilt is dissolving. Consciousness confirms he has made the right decisions so far …

Visual Maps:

55A. Public Visual Satsang, Lisa's Inquiry, Yes to Trust and Timelessness, January 19, 2023, Christina Merkley
Click Image to Enlarge


55B. Public Visual Satsang, Dolly's Inquiry, New Moon, January 19, 2023, Christina Merkley
Click Image to Enlarge


55C. Public Visual Satsang, Matteo's Inquiry, Push the Be Button, January 19, 2023, Christina Merkley
Click Image to Enlarge


Friday, February 10, Noon-2:00 pm Pacific Time
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