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The Secret Behind The Secret

If you’ve been an ezine reader of mine for a while (or one of my coaching clients), you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Law of Attraction (LOA) principles.  I use them constantly in my facilitation and coaching work and in my own personal life (with graphics of course!).  There has been a lot of… Read more »

Boise Idaho Trip

I get a little stir crazy in the winter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my little piece of paradise here on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia.  However, I do like to travel. Part of switching my business over to more virtual delivery methods (internet, phone etc) is that it enables me to have much more… Read more »

Speed Up Your Manifestation Process

Question: What is an effective way to speed up my manifestation process? Answer: Get happy about where you currently are. Yup, getting ok with where you currently are is a great way to get what you eventually want. I am working my way through the full collection of recordings that my favorite Law of Attraction… Read more »

Investigate Your Now

I am mid-way thru facilitating a great SHIFT-IT Tele-group. Over the course of 7 conference calls, I’m working with a fabulous group of folks from around all over (England, New Zealand, Holland, U.S. and Canada), thru my SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process.  We are on Stage 3 of the process called ‘Investigate Your Now’.  In this… Read more »

National Association of Women Writers

I had the pleasure of being one of eight speakers for the National Association of Women Writers’ Annual Tele-Summit last week.  This event was jammed packed with information on all aspects of the craft and lifestyle of writing: legal, creativity, brand & platform, magnetic marketing, traditional and non-traditional publishing routes, etc.  I was the last speaker… Read more »

New SHIFT-IT Tele-Group Has Begun (join until the 24th)

 A  new series of the SHIFT-IT Tele-group has just begun. This seven call tele-coaching group runs February 18 – April 1. We had our first call on Sunday morning. A great kick-off with participants from all over the globe: Canada, U.S., England, Netherlands and New Zealand. Using conference calls and a special webpage for downloads… Read more »

Insights From the Abraham-Hicks Cruise

I just spent 15 blissful days on a Hawaiian cruise. I chose this particular cruise because it was hosted by Abraham-Hicks my favorite Law of Attraction teachers. Abraham-Hicks is a hyphenated name because it represents two different partners. One partner is Esther Hicks (and Jerry Hicks her husband). Esther is a very sweet Texan woman… Read more »

Homage to Michael Doyle

The facilitation community, and particularly the graphic facilitation community, is feeling the loss of one of our great leaders, mentors and icons … Micheal Doyle.  Mr. Doyle died January 29th in San Francisco.  Michael was foundational in putting facilitation on the map, in terms of a separate and valued professional role.  And was instrumental in… Read more »

Law of Attraction on Oprah

Law of Attraction is really hitting the airwaves.  This week several great LOA teachers were a panel on the Oprah show: Jack Canfield, James Ray, Lisa Nichols, Michael Beckwith, and the creator of The Secret (DVD and book), Rhonda Byrne.  I myself don’t have cable any longer.  So was hoping for some sort of link or connection… Read more »