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Public Visual Satsang #49 on Thursday, September 1, 2022. Laboring of a New Civilization. See below for video, timestamps, summary, visual maps and date of next Satsang – all welcome! TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Welcome and Meditation 07:40 Reports & What’s Arising 25:07 Karina’s Inquiry: Laboring of a New Civilization 59:40 Jazz’s Inquiry: Speak Up Now Girl… Read more »

Process PopUp #23: Wise Consciousness Drawn Out Via Self Inquiry

Process Group #22A & 22 B – 2020 Shifts (October 20, 2020 – Visual Coaching). RETREAT TO RECONNECT Process PopUp#22A: Yiely works in Canadian healthcare.  She wonders how to best support herself, coworkers, and clients. We go straight to consciousness to get answers. Through a field with a black hole, she encounters supportive beings …… Read more »