Finding Vivian Maier: Fascinating Creative Journey Even After Death


Some stories I hear just stick with me … Vivian Maier’s is one of them. Have you heard of her? Have you heard of the film about her? It’s really about two creative people — Vivian Maier AND John Maloof

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Heather Martinez: Visual Practitioner Story


Given I mentor a lot of folks in various applications of the visual skills … I thought it would be helpful to share this video for a couple of reasons. First off, its a great example of a motivated person

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International Forum of Visual Practitioners: My Recent Reflection Article


Was recently asked to submit quick little piece to International Forum of Visual Practitioners on reflections on Graphic Facilitation / Graphic Recording field from my perspective as a seasoned practitioner (i.e. that is nice way of saying old, LOL). Here

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A Note from Christina Merkley


We had an important milestone this week … the first ever Drop-in Community Webinar for our new Interactive-Visuals eCommunity. This is a complementary service for graduates of our visual programs. A place to connect with other Visual Keeners from across

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In Your Words: Aaron Johannes

Aaron Johannes Certified Visual Coach®

POWERFUL LESSON IN HOW GOOD COACHING IMPROVES ONE’S WORK, AND WHY I CONSIDER CHRISTINA ONE OF THE GREAT MENTORS IN MY LIFE “The day I got word of my successful completion of Visual Coach Certification® I was working on a

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[Christina Merkley’s Bio] My Left Brain Story


I’m in the midst of evolving my website and offerings again to keep pace with my continued evolution. What I really want to do is write and share my ‘right brain story’ — as exciting developments have occurred these last

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Events Calendar


SHIFT-IT SCHOOL: UPCOMING COURSES For Process Professionals Who Work With Individuals: 2015 VISUAL COACH CERTIFICATION® 10-Weeks Online: April 7 – June 9, 2015 Tuesdays Noon-1:30 pm Pacific For coaches, counselors, therapists and others who work deeply with individuals. Add the

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Graphic Coaching: Come Learn the Niche Within the Niche


Back in 2000 I first began my explorations of using visuals with individuals in a coaching context. Having worked as a Graphic Recorder and Graphic Facilitator in business and governmental venues, I had a hunch that the visual methodology would

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Aaron Johannes: Certified Visual Coach Congratulations

Aaron Johannes Certified Visual Coach®

It’s my pleasure to welcome Aaron Johannes from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to the ranks of Certified Visual Coach®. Aaron is a lifelong learner and teacher, specializing in curriculum development for adults — specifically for people with disabilities and those

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Interactive-Visuals eCommunity: Free Drop-In Webinar


At the beginning of this year I created a new Interactive-Visuals e Community for folks who have already taken visual skills training with me. Perhaps you have already joined us in the NING forum that was set up? If so,

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