[SHIFT-IT ONLINE] 7-Week Online Visual Coaching Group Starts Feb. 7th


Another round of SHIFT-IT is right around the corner! Powerful container for anybody in a transition or itching for subtle or strong change in your professional and/or personal life. To contemplate what’s next, how come, with whom, when … and

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Videos with Emilie Conrad and Don Johnson … and a Trip Down CIIS Memory Lane


In the mid-90s I was in San Francisco going to grad school at The California Institute of Integral Studies. I was in the more left-brain part of the school (if there is such a thing at CIIS) in the biz

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A Note from Christina


This issue is a little late. I have a good excuse … my kundalini ate my homework! For those who aren’t sure what the heck kundalini is (and why I would be talking about it publicly) well, its universal energy

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Every week I do Exploratory Calls with people from various places that contact me because they are attracted to things I do and teach. This week I found myself repeating several statements to the folks I chatted with … which

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Events Calendar


SHIFT-IT SCHOOL: UPCOMING COURSES For Anyone Who Wants Clarity & Change in Work and/or Life: SHIFT-IT ONLINE® Clarify and Make Your Professional and/or Personal Shift Ready to get what you want?! My signature coaching group – gets you what you

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Magic Marker Retreats: March is Cancelled and June 8-9 is Go


As 2015 starts to show her energy, I’m adapting my schedule and making a change to the Magic Marker Retreats. The Magic Marker Retreats are one of the ways I further connect, support and guide my visual skills clients (or

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[Newly Minted Certified Visual Coach] Congrats Dr. Karen Gilliam

Karen L Gilliam, PhD, Certified Visual Coach

It’s my pleasure to announce the graduation of Dr. Karen Gilliam, from Cleveland, USA from our Certified Visual Coach program! A storyteller, grandmother and great-grandmother, it is as much for her familial legacy as it is in service to a

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[Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals, Online] Last Day for Early Bird


Hey, hey last day to save five hundred smackaroos! Add the power of working visually to your own process toolkit! These skills are also referred to as Graphic Facilitation, Visual Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Scribing, etc. Join fellow consultants, facilitators, trainers,

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[Add “Working Visually” To Your Process Toolkit] Early Bird Ends Monday


Just getting the word out that spring’s Online Version of our internationally acclaimed Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals workshop starts February 23rd (Early Bird registration ends this upcoming Monday, January 19th). “Interactive-Visuals” is the umbrella term I use to sum up the

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Hey, Here Are My Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat Maps to Motivate You To Do Yours …


Ahhhhhh, that’s how I feel after giving myself the luxury of some new year visioning and planning. Did you see the Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat eBook I gifted on my blog and in The SHIFT-IT eZine at the end of December? I

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