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SHIFT-IT School: Upcoming Courses

Get Clarity & Change in Work and/or Life: SHIFT-IT ONLINE® Online Class Supported By Visual Coaching Tools Ready to get what you want?! My signature coaching group – gets you what you next want in your personal and/or professional life. You develop a crystal clear vision, unravel your resistance … and rapidly SHIFT your world.… Read more »

Work Visually: Online Course for Leaders, Facilitators, Trainers, Coaches, Counselors, Scribes, etc.

Learn how to work visually with groups and individuals.  My internationally acclaimed 9-Week ONLINE VISUAL SKILLS COURSE is right around the corner. Act now to secure your spot via significant Early Bird … save $500! FUNDAMENTALS OF WORKING VISUALLY (ONLINE VERSION) ACT NOW: EARLY BIRD RATE IN EFFECT UNTIL AUG. 31st! Online Webinars: Oct. 5… Read more »

Working Visually: The Only Way Out Is Through

Audio Version: Click Player to Stream or Right Click on Link to Download. For full Audio Library of Past Messages, Click Here. I just finished leading 5 days of beginning and advanced trainings on working visually with groups and individuals (aka Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Coaching).  As a result, a new cohort of… Read more »

What To Do If You’ve Lost Faith in Your Work, Boss or Clients

Losing your faith in institutions, authority figures, colleagues or clients is not an easy situation. Perhaps you are going through this yourself right now. You are employed and your faith in the company, leaders, co-workers, work or product has waned. Or, maybe you are a self employed Process Professional (which many of my readers are)… Read more »

Gift Yourself New Skills: 3 Great Ways to Get Trained in Working Visually

I’m so glad my earlier self followed her instincts and pursued her interest in working visually. Twenty years later I continue to use visual skills in all the various Process Work I do, both with groups and individuals. And in mentoring other Process Professionals to effectively add the power of working visually to their process… Read more »


For Process Professionals Who Work With Individuals: Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals® Visual Skills for Process Work with Groups and Individuals This professional skills training (in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) thoroughly covers the four main ways of working visually: Studio Work, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Coaching. Over 87% of your consulting, facilitation, training, teaching,… Read more »

Graphic Facilitation In British Columbia: Last Day for Early Bird on Training

Quick shout out about fast approaching visual skills workshop in gorgeous Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Early Bird ends at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. So act fast to save on your spot at the wall … In a highly dynamic learning environment, learn how to more effectively communicate and collaborate with groups and individuals … via the four… Read more »