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Self Inquiries, Ghost and Orphan Rescue video cover

Public Visual Satsang #51 on Thursday, October 20, 2022. Self Inquiries, Ghost and Orphan Rescues See below for video, timestamps, summary, visual maps and date of next Satsang – all welcome! Timestamps: 0:00   Welcome and Meditation 0:07   Reports & What’s Arising 0:24   Self Inquiry: Elderly Parent Overwhelm 0:47   Self Inquiry: Exquisitely Gentle Inner Child 1:26   Self… Read more »

2 Spots Left for Private Visual Satsang

desk covered in pens and painted rocks for Visual Satsang

This Saturday a new Private Visual Satsang starts. Satsang is Sanskrit for “community of true people”. It’s a small private cohort dedicated to mature Inner Work, during these intense and polarizing times. This new cohort has been quietly filling up on its own. With less than a week until we start, we currently have just… Read more »


Public Visual Satsang #50 on Monday, September 26, 2022. Realizing Potential

Public Visual Satsang #50 on Monday, September 26, 2022. Realizing Potential. See below for video, timestamps, summary, visual maps and date of next Satsang.  All welcome! Timestamps: 00:00 – Welcome and Meditation 05:41 – Reports & What’s Arising 23:40 – David’s Inquiry: Habitual Scarcity Pattern 52:15 – Leslie’s Inquiry: New Purpose for Family Janitor 1:26:52… Read more »


Visual Coaching Session Video: Since Covid hit, I have been offering Recorded Individual Sessions, and continue to do so, as my Seva (service) work. I am steadily working through my queue to get the recordings out. Here’s a lovely Future Self session with Natalie, with some ancestral healing and mediumship in the mix. Right-click here… Read more »


Jackie Forbes headshot as a Visual Coach Certification Graduate

A hearty cheer for Certified Visual Coach, Jackie Forbes from Edinburgh, UK! Jackie came to Visual Coach Certification with a super strong background, in working with both groups and individuals. She is a former co-owner of a leadership and management development consultancy, with clients in global corporations in Europe and Australia. A very experienced Corporate… Read more »

Visual Coach Certification Launches Soon

Are you eyeing Visual Coach Certification? 2022 Cohort is fast approaching. Now is the time to add this humane niche to your process toolkit … RECESSION PRICING IN EFFECT: SAVE 50% Visual Coach Certification: Starts October 4th 4 Spots Left! Full Details and Application I’ve trained 1000s across the globe in Visual Skills – helping… Read more »


Public Visual Satsang #49 on Thursday, September 1, 2022. Laboring of a New Civilization. See below for video, timestamps, summary, visual maps and date of next Satsang – all welcome! TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Welcome and Meditation 07:40 Reports & What’s Arising 25:07 Karina’s Inquiry: Laboring of a New Civilization 59:40 Jazz’s Inquiry: Speak Up Now Girl… Read more »


Christina Merkley and Karen against a background of visual map for She's not gonna take it video link

Visual Coaching Session Video: I continue to offer Recorded Individual Sessions during these shifting times. Sometimes I know these beautiful beings, sometimes I don’t. It’s always my honor, and education, to meet Consciousness through their unique forms. Here’s another from my queue. Hosted on either YouTube or Rumble, depending on the nature of the content. … Read more »


cathy walsh visual coach certification gradualt against one of her visual maps

Cathy Walsh has always been a Visual Thinker and Communicator … way before it was popular. She’s been embedded in the National Health Service (NHS) in England, for 40 years, in the integrative care system. Cathy’s delighted that her natural way of working is now so accepted and valued. NHS supported her training in Visual… Read more »

Visual Coaching – Join Fall’s SHIFT-IT Retreat

SHIFT-IT Online retreat dates printed over a desk full of visual maps

How are you doing during these intense times?! Still hanging in there?! No small miracle, with the intensity coming at us from so many angles. My coaching practice is currently a ‘Tale of Two Cities’ to quote some good ol’ Dickens … “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it… Read more »